Angela Lee Duckworth is the speaker on TED Talks tell something about grit. She used to be a consultant and moved to become a seventh-grade math teacher at a New York public school. Someday she thought that IQ was not the only one to measure that someone or the students were successful, because there is no difference between the IQ from her best student and the worst student. Some students have the strongest performances or the smartest don’t have high IQs or do anything as well as people expect of the best students. In the end, she concludes that what we need is a better understanding of students or of learning from the perspective of motivation and psychology. She thought what if a person’s success was measured not by IQ but by many other aspects. And then she decided to go to graduate school to become a psychologist. She started to learn about kids and adults, and the question that always arises is who here is the most successful and why? Angela and her research team went to West Point Military Academy trying to predict which cadet would survive the training to the end and not drop out, then went to the National Spelling Bee trying to predict which child will go far in the competition. They also studied the rookie teacher who teaches in hard neighbourhoods and predict which teachers will stay until the end of the school year. Then emerges a characteristic from a different context as a prediction of significant success, it was grit. Angela said that grit is passion and perseverance for long-term goals. Grit is sticking with our future for years. Then Angela did research on grit with the subjects of a junior high school student at Chicago Public School. She asked a thousand students with a questionnaire about grit to see who would graduate. It turns out that children who are grittier are more likely to graduate. grit is important not only at the west point military academy and national spelling bee, but it also applies in school especially for students who are at risk from drop out. How to build grit for kids was something called “growth mindset”. This idea was developed by Carol Dweck from Stanford University that tells the ability to learn is not fixed but can change with effort. For the conclusion was growth mindset is a great idea for building grit.

A growth mindset is something that I always hear at college, it’s something about changing ourselves to be a better person, be productive but it’s more than that. And I think grit is more powerful than anything. From grit itself will emerge what is called commitment, passion, enthusiasm, never give up, and the desire to succeed or get something done.



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